ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 66

Memórias Country: Portugal Lenght: 0’25’’ Director: Diogo Vilhena Producer: Câmara Municipal de Sines Copyright: Câmara Municipal de Sines Locations: Sines e Porto Covo PLAY Synopsis “The successful tourism film makes the viewer feel a glimpse of the experience of the destination at its best. The film must translate that experience in an alluring, incomplete way, creating in the viewer the desire to complete and intensify that experience “It was the first recognition by visiting the real location.” Pedro Rodrigues we had for a tourism film. It makes us want to do even better with our future works.” The memories of trips, gestures, colors and moments take us to the FMM Sines, bringing the experience of those who know and arousing the interest of those who live for the first time. The FMM becomes a unique meeting of all the songs and all travelers, designing the world in Sines and becoming this festival through happy days spent traveling, where geography becomes rhythm and the voice becomes greater at the meeting of all voices. The FMM Sines is considered the world’s largest music event in Portugal and elected by the British magazine Songlines as one of the best international genre festivals worldwide. “A tourism film festival is a great benchmarking tool. It helps us being more aware of the place our work occupies in the industry and how it can improve.” 66