ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 64

Letra excellence Country: Portugal Lenght: 01’41’’ Director: Patrick Esteves Producer: Octávio & Giestal, Lda Copyright: Og&Associados Locations: Vila Verde, Portugal PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio LETTER matured in Port cask for two years. A partnership between beer Letter and Quinta do Portal. Patrick Esteves, born in 1973, early revealed an interest for image. In 1993 ends two professional qualifications in Graphic Arts, Graphic Design and Typesetting in Artistic Crafts Vocational School (EPOA) in Vila Nova de Cerveira. In 1996 ends the Audiovisual Communication Technology course at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP). Later, in 2003, already as a freelance photography and video, complete a degree in Art and Communication - Audiovisual Branch in Higher Arts School of Porto (ESAP) Since then, it accumulates the teaching activity and Director of Photography and Communication courses at ETAP - Professional School in Vila Nova de Cerveira with entrepreneur activity in the communication. “The festival is a venue where public can feel the vibe emanating from the community, a picture of the real side of material and inmaterial values of places, people and time.” “Effinciency, for us is success. Using available tools, full character perspectives, restless attitude and extremely wide bird eye, to configure life in beliefs, celebrations, moments and joy.” “Measuring the impact, we feel a most value path for our projects. But, really dazzled, we are offering awards to places and people throw our job and eyes. That make us widely happy.” Patrick Esteves 64