ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 61

La tierra de Miranda a Camino de l’ouropa Country: Portugal Lenght: 14’00’’ Director: Duarte M. M. Martins Producer: Duarte M. M. Martins Copyright: Agrupamento De Escolas De Miranda Do Douro Locations: Concelho de Miranda do Douro PLAY Synopsis José Manuel Fernandes MEP, member of the EPP Group, has decided to establish and promote “SCHOOL AWARD IN EUROPE”, which aims to enhance the interest, knowledge and debate about the functioning of the European Union and its institutions, focusing the approach of issues in their relationship with the region. The contest promoted in Bragança region for the first time, had the participation of eight schools. The goal is to “engage the school community” around the issues related to the European Union, providing students a un \]YHܝ[]H۝X]H]\X[\X[Y[ \[\H\œXYHHܛ\وY[وH L]YX\وZ\[H\ܛ\وˈ\]Y[HXۙٙXX[[XYH[ܝY[8'Z\[0'KHX܈H[Y\Y][ۜ[\ܞHو\[YH[H]HوZ\[H‘\[H]\X[۝^ H\X\ܙX]Y\\ۈH L܈ LYX\YXZ[B\]]H[H \\ۋ[Z\[YKH]H[H^HوYKB