ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 60

In Love This Summer Country: Taiwan Lenght: 11’56’’ Director: Foster Yao Producer: Eva Su Copyright: Hi-Scene World Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Locations: Taiwan PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio A boy and a girl met in NMMBA (National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium) in their childhood. Several years passed, they met each other again in NMMBA. However, something changed, but something remains. He was born in Taipei in 1979, graduated from Chaoyang University with a major in design. His first job was an animator in a TV station for seven years; however, now he is a director in Sanlih Visual Design Center. His first film works is Love Family opening. After shooting several films and program animation, it was an enjoyable experience to him! “Through participating this festival, we know many kinds of tourism all over the world. It helps us open our eyes and expanding our awareness in the world.” “In our opinions, a successful tourism film must show the true beauty of where they are. The audiences can feel like experience the scene by themselves through the film.” “Winning this award, it helps us in many ways, no matter for promoting our company, or for cooperation with other companies. We also think it will help improving the tourism industry in Taiwan.” Michael Mao 60