ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 59

IMAGENS DE MARCA: Especial Turismo - I’M Travelling Country: Portugal Lenght: 23’13’’ Director: I’M in Motion Producer: I’M in Motion Copyright: I’m In Motion Locations: Many Places in Portugal PLAY Synopsis Following its continous success, the TV program “Imagens de Marca”, that is focused on brand strategies, dedicated in 2014 a special issue to Tourism. In 2014, the Portuguese tourism thus consolidates the positive trend that has been noted in all major indicators, reinforcing its consecutive growth over the past few years. With an increase in the number of guests, overnight stays and income, the national tourism has been gaining share in the competitive tourism market registered a revenue growth of 12.4%. Numbers that are part of Tourism of Portugal’s strategy that increasingly has invested in Portugal to inform the social media and international organizations. It is precisely through the eyes of journalists traveling to Alentejo to make known the successful secret of the strategy in this region. [...] The tourist region is one of the country’s largest, but the numbers of overnight stays and the mean residence time are relatively small. To take advantage of the good results obtained at national level the brand presented a new image and established a new position. The new brand Turismo do Centro was developed by Ivity, agency formed a brand that above all wants to communicate diversity. Recorded the highest number of foreign overnight stays in the country and was also the region that is positioned in 1st place for the domestic market, with about 59 4 million overnight stays. [...] We got to know the winning Vilalara Thalassa Resort in the Algarve, who joined the Longevity Wellness Worldwide to create one said to be an integrated and unique concept in the world of Thalassa, Spa, Wellness and Anti-Ageing. Director’s Bio She is graduated in Advertising and Marketing but life led her to journalism. Communicator by nature, she founded a content production company and has the long lasting TV program on SIC Notícias – “Imagens de Marca” - an innovative format of information on marketing, business, advertising and brands. She released a book to celebrate the 10 years of the program and has many other projects up her sleeve. She’s a fighter, determined and persistent woman who loves to travel, meditation, painting and hiking. Dynamic and inspiring, never give up pursuing her dreams. Besides journalist Cristina Amaro is an entrepreneurial and passionate about the area of communication, she has been developing innovative editorial projects in her company. Relevance and quality is her motto!