ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 56

Fry-counting tunes around Taijiang Country: Taiwan Lenght: 28’00’’ Director: Chen,Yi-Ching Producer: Chen,Yi-Ching Copyright: Taijiang National Park All Rights Reserved Locations: Taiwan PLAY Synopsis Fry-counting Tunes: the Most Beautiful Melody in the Local Culture “Fry-counting tunes” not only illustrate the golden years of milkfish breeding, but also fishermen’s respectful insistence on trustworthy transactions, which reveal the humbleness of their lives. When the last cold front leaves Taiwan at the end of February of the lunar calendar every year, fish farms and fry shops begin to sell and buy fry. During this time, fry-counting tunes are heard all around these places. These individualized melodies and tempos form unique tunes that feature Taiwanese language tones, which also make the environment lively. However, the improvement of breeding technology also brings a sad result to this unique culture. With the aging of these fry counters and the unwillingness of young people to inherit these skills, this unique culture is disappearing. The video “Fry-counting Tunes Lingering Around” not only presents actual fry transaction scenes in the Taijiang Inner Sea area but also preserves more than 20 different fry-counting tunes as well as numerous old fishermen’s attitudes towards life. We also invited Captain Hsieh, who was named the best Taiwanese-language male singer at Taiwan’s 2013 Golden Melody Awards as well as the winner of the best Taiwanese-language album, to write a song about fry counting. Mr. Hsieh combined some elements 56 of pop music to produce a song called “hî m-chai (fish don’t know)”. The song vividly captures the spirit of this industry while telling its story, and opens a door of hope for passing down this traditional culture. Director’s Bio Chen, Yi-Ching was born in 1982 graduated in Department of Communication NanHua University. After practical training in medium during college, she was addicted in the documentary video. Working in a communication company in Kaohsiung, she has more experience for the filming of various documentary. Furthermore, she has special preferences for filming Taiwan local culture related issues. To devote herself more to this previous culture, now she established a filming communication company. With the penetrative sense for the people, the events and the substance display the warm temperature even in intricate topic via the human characteristics and emotional revealing, hope that the work is easy for reading and intense for affection simultaneously.