ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 54

Escape to Papua New Guinea Country: Czech Republic Lenght: 52’10’’ Director: Libor Spacek Producer: Petra Dolezalova Copyright: Escape To Nature Locations: Papua New Guinea PLAY Synopsis Episode 5 - of the award winning documentary series Escape to Nature. We visited another one of the most amazing places in the world Papua New Guinea, but from a different view. We have filmed on the best diving locations of Papua New Guinea, swam with sharks, turtles and another underwater creatures, visited still active volcanoes in Rabaul, spent many days on the canoe and discovered the inaccessible areas of the Sepik river, as the first white people, we visited the villages with magic rituals, crocodiles initiation ceremony and sing sing. Director’s Bio Director, cinematographer, photographer (af), scuba instructor (aowd ssi) and sea captain who is interested in photography and filming of wildlife, projects focusing on the monitoring and protecting of the underwater world, life of natives and their culture and rituals award winning documentary series “Escape to Nature”: - episode 1 - “Escape to Mauritius” won second prize at the 54 42nd International Film Festival Tourfilm 2009 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. The festival jury has selected this work as the best Czech documentary at the festival. This was the beginning of the project Escape to Nature. - episode 2 - “Escape to Tahiti and her islands” was successfully completed in 2011.- episode 3 - “Escape to Saint Lucia” was completed in January 2013. This episode of documentary series Escape to Nature was filming at one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands St. Lucia. – episode 4 - “Escape to Vanuatu” was completed in March 2014. - episode 5 - “Escape to Papua New Guinea” was completed December 2014 - “The forest and water” - poetic documentary film produced for the administration of the giant mountains national park in Czech Republic (Krnap). Commentary is in Czech language include English and Polish subtitles. - “Konec sveta byl a bude” (End of the world has been and will) documentary film for Ceska Televize (Czech National TV) 2013 and a lot of short video clips and short films.