ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 53

Elixir da Vida Country: Portugal Lenght: 14’59’’ Director: Pedro Homem Producer: Pedro Homem Copyright: Filmes Da Vila Locations: Pombal, Penela, Soure, Montemor-o-Velho, Figueira da Foz, Miranda do Corvo, Lousã, Coimbra PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio 1064. In a territory were the river stands out as the natural border line, History assembled there two different worlds.. D. Sesnando Davides was given that mission and ahead of him lied the construction of a new identity. Shall ye be my ally in this story of tale and truth? Pedro Homem was born in 1979 in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2004 he finished his degree in Architecture and, later in 2008, a degree in Cinema (directing and editing). He lived in Almada, Lisbon most of his life until 2009, when he decided to reprogram his life and move to Penela, Coimbra. Regarding the Architecture, Homem is responsable for several housing projects, among which the first unit of “Uma Casa Portuguesa” in Ferraria de São João in Penela. His professional career began in João Luís Carrilho da Graça’s studio but Pedro also collaborated with many others architects such as Patrícia Barbas, Filipe Mónica and Fernando Jorge Correia. “A Tourism Film Festival it’s very important to promote meetings in order to develop how tourism destination should be seen. If in a way it is obvious that tourism improves the economy of a place, in the other hand we are not sure about how to induce the right mood to visit that place. For decades, the cinema’s history and narrative tried to create rules to capture the attention and the emotion of an audience. However we cannot freeze any cinema’s theory. What moves an audience today may not be the same tomorrow.” 53 “What makes a tourism film successful it’s the emotional level. The bigger the emotion we create for a certain public, the bigger should be their receptivity and the success of a film.” Pedro Homem