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Echoing Taroko Country: Taiwan, R. O. C. Lenght: 48’00’’ Director: Yang Hsiang-Wen Producer: Yang Hsiang-Wen Copyright: Taroko National Park Locations: Hualien county, Xiulin Township, Taiwan, R. O. C. PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio This is a life story with folk songs about the Taroko tribe. The story begins with members of a family who left their ancestral home, crossed high mountain ridges, and settled down in the Taroko Gorge. Their men are good at hunting, tame on the mountain for planting, they are agile, bold, and powerful. The women must learn how to weave, they work hard to run their homes, and endure sufferings and hardships. From generation to genetion, the family members follow their ancestral instructions, act with prudence and adhere to austerity, and respond to the calling of the ancestral soul. The leading role in this story is a hunter warrior who is ridiculed as, “a man without a nose.” He meets a beautiful woman who lives in a neighboring tribe. He falls in love with her at first sight, but he does not dare to express his love for her. In order to help him win the beauty’s heart, the elderly members in his family plot “a marriage by kidnapping the bride.” Will the hero and the beauty live happily ever after? Attentively listen to the touching chaants and songs of the Truku tribe, experience the Truku high mountains and deep vall eys... Take a walk through the past and the present, presenting best wishes to the Truku tribe, offering the deepest blessing for the happy ending! Sean Yang is an enthusiast of outdoor sports and natural ecology. He’s also an outstanding filmmaker. When he was young, arts and photography occupy his world. Regarding his work experiences in this field, he used to work as an advertising photographer, a background designer for advertisement, a production designer for advertisement, a photojournalist, a documentary photography, a drama photography, a director for TV program, and a documentary director before. By having the chance to shoot Discovery documentary again, He is interested in Taroko’s handicraft such as rattan-weaved products and fabric weaving. Besides, he is especially impressed by the wisdom of coexistence with nature that Taroko’s people arouse him (me) to pay attention to environmental issues. The conservation among landscape, natural environment and cultures are emphasized and specified in his work, and He also hopes the traditional wisdom of aboriginal people can be kept and valued more, and the traditional lifestyle of Taroko can arouse people to cherish the environment and resources we already own. 50