ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 5

Welcome message from the APTUR’s president Dear reader, It’s for us a great honour and an indescribable happiness to share with you the ART&TUR E-Magazine, a truly efficient media that provides you the adequate perspective about the last edition of the ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival. This festival promotes and celebrates the creativity in tourism domains through audio-visual media. Being a niche event with focus on the tourism film promotion, ART&TUR develops an innovative strategy in multiple ways, since its mission consists in connecting creative entrepreneurs from all over the world, providing a permanent matchmaking of representatives of both industries: audio-visual media and tourism. At the same time, ART&TUR is rooted in the cultural heritage of the host community and uses as festival trophies handmade roosters of Portuguese artisans. Since its first edition in 2008, ART&TUR have been expanding its influence to many countries. This evidence can be illustrated by the following figures: the total amount of submitted films in 2015 was 254, from 54 countries. Throughout the ART&TUR E-Magazine you can get knowledge about all relevant and suggestive information related to the Festival winners of the 8th edition (2015) in both competitions: national and international. The E-Magazine dedicates a whole page to each winner film, providing information on the following topic: basic data (country, length, director, producer, copyright owner and locations), synopsis, director’s short bio and photos. Last but not least, clicking on the Play button you have immediate access to the film from the ART&TUR website. So, please enjoy! This magazine is the outcome of the volunteer work of many people that cooperate with APTUR in the Festival. So, on behalf of APTUR Direction Board I would like to express our special gratitude to all friends that collaborated in the production of this E-Magazine, but very especially thanks to all young people that invested their skills and enthusiasm in this challenge. Their names deserve to be highlighted: Álvaro Gama, Ana Silva, Daniel Gonçalves, Diana Pinheiro, Helena Garcia, Inês Magalhães, Inês Santos, Juliana Pinheiro, Lisandra Valquaresma, Mafalda Barbosa, Marcos Vinha, Maria Beatriz Sousa, Maria Ferreira, Miguel Pinto, Nádia Santos, Pedro Lopes, Ricardo Farias, Ricardo Marques, Tiago Ribeiro, Filipe Nascimento and Paulo Almeida. 5