ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 48

DON’T LET OUR WOLVES BECOME HOMELESS - LAST PUSH PLAY Country: Portugal Lenght: 03’40’’ Director: Luís Rainha, Joaquim Pedro Ferreira & Pedro Miguel Ferreira Producer: Joaquim Pedro Ferreira & Pedro Miguel Ferreira Copyright: Grupo Lobo & Playsolutions - Audiovisuais Locations: Mafra Synopsis Don’t Let Our Wolves Become Homeless – Last Push is the final step to raise the money needed to buy the 42-acre site on which the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre (IWRC) stands. This is the only wolf sanctuary in Portugal, where only 300 of these endangered predators remain in the wild. Director’s Bio Joaquim Pedro Ferreira PhD in 2010 in Conservation Biology. He is currently a fellow of Postdoctoral in the area of dissemination of science. Has special interest and training in the audiovisual area where develops various projects with relevance for photography and video. He is co-author of 10 popular books for the general public, with thematic focus on nature conservation and countryside. Co-author of the television series “Biodiversity in the Supermarket” and received the 1st prize (October 2014) in the prestigious international competition “Ciencia en Acción”. Didactic modalities Materiales De Ciencia, Trabajos De Divulgación Scientific Y Cortos Scientific. 48 “The festival ART&TUR is a prestigious festival worldwide in the tourist film circuit. For the Grupo Lobo was very important to have won this award, especially since is the first time that Grupo Lobo participated in this Festival.” Isabel Ambrósio Luis Rainha was born in 1962. He studied civil engineering first and then sociology. Today, creative director of advertising agency Clockwork Orange. He was co-author of the program “Filhos da Nação” by SIC. Over the years, he participated in several blogs: “Blog da Esquerda” “Aspirina B”, “5 Dias,” “Vias de Facto”. He wrote fiction book “Noites de Lisboa” and under pseudonyms, works of fiction. “Últimas Palavras” (stories) and “O Último Segredo de Fátima” (novel). Among other incursions into in BD and animation, was writer of the books “O Futuro tem 100 Anos” and “Dias Eléctricos“. He collaborated with the weeklies “Já” and “Tal & Qual”, writing today in the weekly newspaper.