ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 47

Ecoparkazibo- Bem vindo à natureza Country: Portugal Lenght: 03’05’’ Director: Carlos A. Cardoso Producer: Carlos A. Cardoso Copyright: Academia De Montanha Locations: Azibo - Macedo de Cavaleiros, Portugal PLAY Synopsis A young woman visits the Azibo and discover a wondrous realm, where nature is the queen and her noble guest. During a spring day it is enchanted by what the ecopark has to offer. From an uncertain climate, flora and fauna all seem to be charming and welcoming. “It is an excellent way to release a film. It’s an element of communication that must integrate any disclosure plan.” “If the film manages to shape perceptions, creating new ones and reinforcing old ones.” “It is a presented recognition of the work that we enjoy and the customer likes.” Carlos Alberto Cardoso 47