ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 41

Corumbá Incrível. Country: Brasil Lenght: 3’48’’ Director: Marco Calábria Producer: Dilson Militino Copyright: Fundação De Turismo Do Pantanal Locations: Brasil, Mato Grosso do Sul, Corumbá PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio The video shows a traveler’s journey that carries with himself a small handbag while going out to know a new destination. While he experiences the amazing city’s attractions he justifies the small handbag by explaining that the most important things of a trip doesn’t fit in a handbag because the memories of the moments are worth much more than any souvenir Nonetheless if he could he would surely carry a little bit of everything. Marco Calábria is a publicist of 23 years , formed in 2003 in advertising in Brazil. Always worked with advertising and advertising creations. In 2010 set up an advertising agency, the Eureka !, Corumbá MS in Brazil , where he works with production and creation of advertisements and commercials and documentaries , which have earned him two awards. “...Tourist Film Festival is an incentive for professionalism in the development of new tourist communication products, where creativity and innovation are encouraged, generating more and more visibility to the issue and tourist destinations.” “The most professional manner, and less casual, with that explores the happy marriage between a film and tourism. This is because the film is an essential tool to attract a potential demand that would be willing to meet Corumbá and the Pantanal, arousing people’s interest in experimenting and getting to know the views landscapes in the film.” Hélènemarie Dias Fernandes 41