ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 38

Casa da Atalaia Country: Portugal Lenght: 03’39’’ Director: David Mendes Producer: Ideias com Pernas Copyright: Ideias com Pernas Locations: Palmela, Portugal PLAY Synopsis This animated film tells the story of the Casa de Atalaia winery and how wine used to be produced there. Now, anyone who visits this memory place will be able to travel into the past and learn how things worked in the days when the winery was still active. Well, this company was created in order to be a global solution in audiovisual communication and multimedia in your company. Currently, the image of any organization is far beyond the physical and commercial space. Increasingly, the corporate image is critical to disclose our products and services. We can have big ideas but we need something more than the will to implement them. Here appears the ideas with legs. We intend to give legs to their ideas, directing the communication of your company into an era of constant innovation and evolution. That said, we intend to then be the solution in the creation of any service in the audiovisual area and the media. For example, if you want to create a new company or upgrade the image of an existing one, we can begin to develop a new logo and its corporate image. Then we will create a website and all content it contains as animations, video presentations or promotional photos. Thus able to get a consistent image in all its business with the utmost professionalism and rigor 38 “As an audio-visual production company, we look at each tourism film festival as an opportunity for us to widen our connections and make our company and portfolio known. Our participation in festivals is also important as it provides us with the perfect environment for stimulating our creativity by watching other films produced in and outside the country.” David Mendes Director’s Bio David Mendes holds a degree in Tecnologia da Comunicação Audiovisual (Technology of Audiovisual Communication) by the Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Oporto Polytechnic Institute), He is a director and sole manager of Ideias Com Pernas with a vast experience in the creation of promotional flms and commercials, as well as directing television content. He has advanced skills as a camera operator, video editor and in digital treatment.