ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 33

Algarve Nature Week Country: Portugal Lenght: 06’00’’ Director: Pedro Matos Producer: Margem Produções Copyright: Região De Turismo Do Algarve Locations: Algarve, Portugal PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio Algarve Nature Week is an event created and promoted by the Algarve Tourism Board to promote essentially the Nature Tourism. Through road movie format, we represent a group of friends to go through various activities associated with nature tourism in Algarve with the diversity of locations and options that the region represents. The capture and speech are focused on the human aspect, the thrill of the experience and joy of discovery. It is presented here a lesser-known aspect of the region, the interior, although inevitably punctuated with maritime activities. Pedro Matos, 36 - attended the Communication Sciences course at the Independent University and completed the Photography Direction Course and Cameraman the ETIC in Lisbon. He began working as a cameraman and editor in 2006, producing Flavour Productions. In 2011 he took over the Cinematographer functions in CBB Pictures, Algarve and Porto. From then he collaborated with several companies, along with national and international filmmakers on several short films, such as “Uma outra noite”, “As trapaceiras” and “A Presa”, among others. In terms of advertising productions was responsible for the photography direction in several national and international campaigns. He served as camera operator functions in international long film “The right juice” in 2014. Nowadays he’s Director of Photography and Director in Margem Filmes company in Faro. “This award keeps us optimistic with the good work made on nature tourism and is a fabulous tool to promote the destination and its natural beauty and to share it with others.” “...more than just publicize the actual beauty of a place, the main goal in our project was to promote the people´s experience of exploring the territory, the outcome is always amazing, there’s always something new that you´ll find refreshing and different. A film to be successful needs to transmit those emotions.” Susana Miguel 33