ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 30

A new Imperial History Memories are the future Country: Austria Lenght: 10’14’’ Director: Andreas Lackner Producer: Franz Teuchmann and Andreas Lackner Copyright: Imperial Hotels Austria Gmbh Locations: Vienna, Austria PLAY Synopsis A highly elegant and a bit eccentric grandmother invites her family and friends to celebrate her anniversary at her favorite hotel. After many years she returns to vienna, to the hotel where she enjoyed so many beautiful days and nights. But will the hotel be just as captivating as it used to be? Will the younger people like it? Due to the getting- together of many different characters, the weekend is likely to become very entertaining. Under the guidance and support of the friendly staff, the elegant dinner turns into an opulent party; the tete- átete. In the suites becomes an art performance; the selection of suitable evening 30 dresses transforms another suite into an haute couture salon. Romance is in the air, and culinary pleasures intensify this feast for the senses. The old lady enjoys being with her family and friends. She loves the atmosphere, the bar, dinner, the party and all the follies going on in the rooms and suites, because everything happens at her hotel. And when she closes her eyes, the past and the future unite at one location the amazing hotel imperial.