ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 3

ART&TUR AN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE... Fascination for the unknown was the motto to “make” this journey that, as time goes by, shows me the direction to find the meaning of life. By organizing the ART&TUR Film Festival, I experienced some of the best and most authentic experiences of my life. In the difficult moments, the voice of the naysayers and the unbelievers was what fueled my strength to overcome the challenge. But persistence and dedication reflect results, and this publication is the example of that. Words are not enough to describe the happiness I feel at this moment, but a single word from those who, each year, take part in this project is more than enough to give me strength to continue ... Thank you, Hugo Marcos “The international exchange improves future results, this is important for every filmmaker and ART&TUR is a perfect example of how to do it. We´ll always remember these days in Gaia and hope to come back soon.” - Andreas Ewels “Participating in the ART&TUR Festival is one of the many festive events that ennobles us directors and simultaneously offers an international platform for creative people from all over the world.” - Jeremy JP Fekete “We find in ART&TUR a great way to promote and develop a key sector, which is also a significant part of our business.” Miguel Puime “There’s a lot of high quality documentaries and promotional films that you can find reunited in ART&TUR, so it’s very good to enjoy the different outcomes, to change ideas among filmmakers and producers, and really to have a different view of the fabulous world we happen to live in.” - Susana Miguel “ART&TUR is a a perfect Bridge between many aspects: Tourism and people who work in the industry, Film as a ‘voice’ and an ‘experience’ and the worldwide viewers that consume broadcast.“ - Farook Singh “Participating in ART&TUR is an excellent and very welcome opportunity for a national tourism organisation to increase its visibility on various different channels, be that through traditional or social media.” - Sandra Babey “The multi-culture, different fields, different countries diversities make 2015 ART&TUR International tourism film Festival successful. “ - Chen-yi Yu “The festival combines high professional quality with a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. I had the opportunity to meet with professionals and see a lot of films in an informal and warm environment. The trophies were the most beautiful awards I have seen so far.” - Stefan Gadd “ART&TUR is an incentive for professionalism in the development of new tourist communication products, where creativity and innovation are encouraged, generating more and more visibility to the issue and tourist destinations.” - Hélènemarie Dias Fernandes “ART&TUR will certainly contribute for the promotion of a country image. On the other hand, and taking advantage of the various award categories, the festival allows the promotion of a region in its various in its various forms and specificities.“ - Vítor Devesa “ART&TUR is a great way to follow the trends and know how the business is going. The multiculturalism and the possibility to have references of other destinations and other ways to see the business and the needs that drive our consumers to adopt some behaviors is vital to our growth.” - António Brandão “The best elements for ART&TUR included spending time with the other attendees - filmmakers, tourism office representatives and film commissions. Seeing what other tourism offices are doing to support their destinations through art and film was very useful. I also felt that it was an incredible opportunity to discover northern Portugal.” - Jonathan Reap “ART&TUR are an important contribution in promoting cultural and/or natural heritage of a country or a region. Additionally, ART&TUR are great as they also give strong support and encouragement for creative and artistic productions.” - TAP “The film festival with the most originally designed awards! Friendly atmosphere, nice venue.” - Darja Juzbasic 3