ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 24

International Competition Name Country Production Lenght A New Imperial History - Memories Are The Future Abama Spa Adventurous Arctic - From Greenland To Alaska Beautiful Bangladesh- Land Of Rivers Bienvenidos Al Prado CBT Vietnam: The Black H’mong Of Lao Chai Village CBT Vietnam: When A Village Was Heard CBT Vietnam: When The Tourists Come CBT Vietnam: When The Villagers Left Corumbá Incrível. Could Only Happen In Ghent Dubai in 5 Days Echoing Taroko El Buen Amor El Nacional Escape To Papua New Guinea Fry-Counting Tunes Around Taijiang Hola Islas Canarias In Love This Summer Más Fácil De Lo Que Crees, Más Cerca De Lo Que Imaginas - Series Music Voyager - Series Nature & Wildlife Of Southern Africa Olufuko Open 365 Pérola do Indico II Qingxiu Yuan Through The Ages Reencuentra Sensaciones (Reencounter Sensations) Sun Palace Albir - Humanos Sun Palace Albir - Rebeldes The Canary Way Of Surf - Full Day, Full Year The Mallorca Adventure Three French Chefs In San Francisco Time Transpatagônia Triumph Tridays Event In Austria Why Hong Kong Austria Promotional 10’14’’ Spain Promotional 03’00’’ Germany Documentary 43’38’’ Bangladesh Promotional 03’30’’ Spain Promotional 03’00’’ Vietnam Promotional 06’11’’ Vietnam Promotional 05’55’’ Vietnam Promotional 07’29’’ Vietnam Promotional 13’32’’ 24 Brazil Promotional 03’48’’ Belgium Promotional 06’38’’ United Arab Emirates Promotional 01’11’’ Taiwan R.O.C. Documentary 48’ Spain Documentary 25’00’’ Spain Promotional 02’01’’ Papua New Guinea Documentary 52’10’’ Taiwan R.O.C. Documentary 28’00’’ Spain Comercials 01’00 Taiwan R.O.C. Promotional 11’56’’ Spain Comercials 00’21’’ USA, Tv Program 30’00’’ Botswana, Namibia, South Africa Documentary 02’05’’ Namibia Documentary 08’21’’ Spain Promotional 02’08’’ Mozambique Tv Program 17’42’’ Taiwan R.O.C. Promotional 15’00’’ Spain Comercials 00’45’’ Spain Promotional 02’19’’ Spain Comercials 01’06’’ Spain Promotional 03’42’’ Germany Documentary 59’59’’ Canada Documentary 18’33’’ Switzerland Promotional 01’40’’ Brazil Documentary 60’00’’ Austria Promotional 02’16’’ Hong Kong Promotional 03’27’’