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Vera Dantas Porto Envolto is a website authored by the journalist Vera Dantas which divulges Oporto and the North under the prisms tourism, culture and lifestyle focusing on the history and the identity of Portugal. Journalist since 1999 , with experience in the international press and in various periodicals such as Travel / Around the World, Vera Dantas was also correspondent and researcher in cultural and creative sector and has a book published by the Diplomatic Institute - The Cultural Dimension of the European Project. Since October 2014, Porto Envolto tells stories with charm and gives suggestions about the best news in Oporto and the surrounding region, from restaurants and hotels to places and monuments, always with a strong picture component. In the lifestyle section highlights the brands that we should be proud for its quality and prestige. All of authorship and own style of Vera Dantas, who travels, discovers and tells the stories of the places and the people who inhabit them is one of the best things in life! Looking for the best gastronomy destination in Europe? Discover northern Portugal In the heart of northern Portugal you’ll find Porto, the top gastronomy destination in Europe. This region is the country’s oldest, richest and more diversified in terms of gastronomy, heritage and traditions. More populated than the south, it was the birthplace of Portugal as an independent nation almost nine centuries ago. Being a native and having lived in different national r egions as well as in other countries, I value deeply this unique legacy. After all my journeys, I know that Porto has a way of being special, emanating a strong sense of belonging and identity. There lives an open-hearted, creative and hard working people, still following the motto Talent de bien faire, already put into practice by our ancestor Prince Henrique The Navigator in the XV century, when Portuguese became the first great discovers of the unknown world. Today the world looks back at us and begins to discover our own treasures. From the heart of Porto, I will now unveil part of them to you. At the confluence of three regions rooted in gastronomic traditions ... Porto is the capital of northern Portugal, formed by Minho, Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, three of the regions most associated by Portuguese connaiseurs with tasty, generously served food and superb wine. A major urban center, it benefits from being a coastal city with daily access to a great variety of fresh fish. The best products of the Northeastern interior, meats with Protected Designation of Origin, spicy sausages and delicacy cheeses, traditionally reached Porto through the Douro river, thus helping to build its gastronomy, one of the richest in the world. Today the north’s capital continues to benefit from the nearby sea, rivers, farms, pasture, countryside and forests resources, adding up to form delicious meals in a well balanced mediterranean style diet. Take my word for it when I say that here you will encounter a fit for every food desire and even Baco, the God of Wine, would find it hard to complete the task of drinking the immense variety of tempting wine our vineyards produce. ... And three wine regions, including one of the world’s best! Meaning “river of gold”, since the sun almost always shines on its waters, Douro river’s history is marked by the image of the rabelo boats that sailed down its dangerous waters loaded with heavy barrels of Port Wine destined to Vila Nova de Gaia’s cellars, which are still operating and open for visitor’s delight. 18