ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 111

Conditions of Participation YEAR OF PRODUCTION: All festival entries must have been produced after January 1, 2014. LANGUAGE VERSIONS: All festival entries can have any language version. Non-English and non-Portuguese versions compete in the same categories together with the English and Portuguese versions. Entries not produced in English or Portuguese language must have either: Subtitles in English or Voice-over in English Written synopsis in English. Full scripts are not accepted; DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: All festival entries must arrive at the festival office latest by June 30, 2016. FORMATS & SENDINGS: Please make sure to send all materials requested for each of the film entered: Word/PDF File: Comprehensive summary in English; Brief Presentation of the Director and Producer; Photography of the Director and the Producer of the film; Proof of the payment of the entry fee; 2 or 3 Screenshots of the film; The materials can be sent by post or digitally via in the following formats: Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080 px) | HD (1080x720 px), 16:9 | PAL (720x576), 4:3 Video Codec: H.264 Audio Codec: AAC Entry Fees Fees as well as payments: · Account to account: all bank charges must be prepaid by entrant. · Fees for multiple entries are accepted in one amount. All fees are due immediately upon registration. Entry fees or any other fees are not refundable and are not subject to any legal appeal. Entry Fees Standard Submission (01 April – 30 June) Extra Deadline Submission ( 01 to 10 July) National National + International Portuguese films or films with Portuguese films or films with portugal as a subjet portugal as a subjet Film Campaign Film Campaign International Rest of the world films Film Campaign 60 € 150 € 100 € 250 € 90 € 250 € 120 € 300 € 150 € 350 € 120 € 300 € 111