ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 110

Call For Films Since 2008, the ART&TUR Festival mission has been to leverage tourism marketing strategies through audiovisual, and awarding the best productions worldwide. ART&TUR Festival is a unique event, and a vehicle with extreme potential to generate awareness for participating brands. At the international level, is a world reference in the field of audiovisual promotion, as a forum for innovation and cooperation between the industries of the audiovisual and tourism, reinforcing the impact of the best audiovisual productions of tourism promotion. Who can participate The competition is open to all persons and entities that have audiovisual works effectively promote tourism or indirectly induce. ART&TUR Festival includes productions from: - Producers, Directors and Distributors; - Companies from all sectors of Tourism; - Communication agencies; - Governmental entities; - Local authorities, intermunicipal communities, tourism regions; - Foundations and associations; - TV stations; How to participate ART&TUR Festival accepts entries of films for selection in the competitive sections: TOURFILM Section and TV | DOC Section . Discover the two sections of the competition and the 19 themes available for your film. TOURFILM SECTION Productions accepted in the competition: Commercials Promotionals )Qɥʹٕѥͥ ($)IPQUHQ=UI%14́ѡЁѥѥ͕ٔѥѡIPQUHѥمЁՑ٥Յ)ѽɥʹɽѥ()QX= M Q%=8()AɽՍѥ́ѕѡѥѥ($($($)յхɥ)])QXAɽɅ́QXMɥ($($($)IPQUHQX= ́ѡ͕ѥѥ͕ٔѥѡIPQUHѥمѕ)ѼѡɅѥɕ䰁ѡ͕́ѥݥɥ)ѥѥѼѡЁյхɥ́ѕ٥ͥ)ɽɅ́ЀɕЁՕ̸((؁I齹́Ѽѥє(]ɥ锁ݽɱɕɕ(-ݥѠѡ܁ɕ́ѽɥʹՑ٥Յ(AɽєȁɽՍ́ݽɭ́͡ɽչхѥ(Uєȁͥ́ѥ́ѡ́ݽɱݥݽɬ(MɔݥѠѡȁɽͥ́ȁЁݽɭ(5Ё܁ѽ́܁ͥ́ѹ((((0