ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 102

Viagem Medieval - Experiências Únicas Num Ambiente Memorável Country: Portugal Lenght: 02’49’’ Director: Câmara Municipal Santa Maria da Feira Producer: Câmara Municipal Santa Maria da Feira Copyright: Câmara Municipal Santa Maria da Feira Locations: Centro histórico Santa Maria da Feira PLAY Synopsis Director’s Bio The medieval journey in the land of Santa Maria is the largest historical reenactment event in the Iberian Peninsula. It takes place every year, in August, at the historical center of Santa Maria da Feira and reenacts episodes from local and national history, attracting around 500 thousand visitors. For 12 consecutive days, the city Dresses up, providing a unique and unforgettable journey filled with Experiences from the middle ages, in a perfect combination of history, Natural and architectural heritage, leisure and gastronomy. For its Historical accuracy, size and local involvement, the medieval Journey is a differentiating product, targeting various audiences, particularly the family segment, which boosts the tourism and Cultural promotion of the municipality and region. Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria is the largest medieval recreation of the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in Europe, having had its first edition in 1996. Every year, Santa Maria da Feira dresses the rigor and the whole city is transformed to receive th ɔɕѥɕٕɅѡ٥ɽиɕЀ)хɕ̰ѡɥх́ѡɕ́)مɥ́ѥ́ѡՍ́ѡѱ)ѡȸ%ѥѼѡѥ٥ѥ́مɕɕѥ̰ѡԁ́ͼɹ)Ѽѡи(((+q]݅ɐЁѡѥمIPQUHݡ́ɕ)ɕѥA՝ɽ)ͽѡѡЁɕѱ͕̰́)Ёɕɕ͕́ѡɕѥ)ѡፕЁݽɬٕ)䁄ձѥ͍ѕȁѡ)ɽѥٕЁѡЁ́ѕɹѥɕɕ)ѡ5م)ɹ䁥ѡ1)Mф5ɥt)͹ٕ́ɕɄ((0