ART&TUR Magazine N.1 - Page 101

Tudo isto somos nós! Country: Portugal Lenght: 01’46’’ Director: Luís Miguel Frasco Producer: Nelson Ferreira, Gomes Azevedo Copyright: Turnitvisual e Nelson Azevedo Locations: Monção, Portugal PLAY Synopsis Promotional film of a tourism destination, Monção in the Portuguese region of the Alto Minho. Some of its history, legends, food and lanscapes are revealed in a witty, good-humoured fashion. More than a film, an act of love for the territory! Director’s Bio Luis Frasco completed his degree in architecture but is a sketcher in his heart. Having completed his studies in architecture in 1986, he has taken up graphic creation as part of his daily life since 2009: ranging from as diverse fields as cartoon and book illustration, urban sketching to whiteboard animated videos, his career has known a boom thereafter. In addition to the design of varied buildings, Luis has collaborated in the illustration of the book “Comunicar com Humor”, by João Aragão e Pina, and has published cartoons in the “Correio do Ribatejo” and “Imprensa Falsa” newspapers. Furthermore, he has participated in several urban sketching exhibitions. His videos are part of several advertising campaigns, corporation events PR events of BP Portugal, NOS and the pharmaceutical company. 101 “A tourism film festival is both a great destination branding idea and the perfect showcase for projects that fit in the concept of the festival... We do believe that great festivals such as this one call for the best in you as a film director, destination branding responsible or a simple stakeholder who owns a small house by the lake.” “ Winning this award has made room for some important maketing projects we have under way, namely one that has created a merchandising line of souvenirs for a municipality in the north of Portugal, Monção. Let’s hope next year we can do even better! Nelson Ferreira Luís Frasco