Artscene Artscene Summer 2019

Garfield Galleries. In his diverse practice, Sanford Biggers encourages meaningful dialogue around complex issues particularly focused on the history of violence towards African Americans in the United painting, sculpture, video, film, multicomponent installations, and performances, all of which evoke powerful emotions from viewers. Biggers’ work is both potent and thought-provoking, and I encourage you to see it in person this summer. Over the past year, we have made a concerted effort to find opportunities for campus collaboration that align with the museum’s strategic plan. Perhaps the These next few months are a great case study for the “Chazen point of view”—a perspective we are working hard to instill in every aspect of the museum—which values deepening connections with our campus and community partners, object-based learning, and opportunities for students. I hope you can take the time to visit us soon, and I appreciate your support as we continue to explore what it means to be a university art museum in the twenty- first century. States. He uses a dynamic range of media including most visible of these efforts is the newly renovated (image at left). Professor Tom Loeser’s fall 2018 advanced woodworking class designed and fabricated the furnishings to activate a very visible but underutilized space. With books donated by the Kohler Library, the niche is now completely Amy Gilman, Director Chazen Museum of Art Niche 11 on the third floor of the Chazen building 6–7 Summer Spin, Summer Intern 8–9 Recent Acquisitions 10–11 New Program, New Staff, New Gift On June 28th, Sanford Biggers will open in the Current and Upcoming Exhibitions of, the work that goes into creating art. transformed, and I think the “C”-shaped chair is the best seat on University Avenue! We are thrilled with both the staff and students’ work, and I look forward to more collaborative projects such as these in the future that allow us to experiment, activate the museum in new ways, and leverage expertise from across UW–Madison’s campus. it adds layers of appreciation for, and understanding friends, 2–5