Artscene Artscene Spring 2019

museum that you value most. Further Cinema at Union South on April 16 . I urge you to th visit the exhibition and join us as we navigate through that which we do not want to witness, but what is vital for us to see. time to provide feedback on our membership survey, and especially to those who participated in the focus sent in the coming weeks, I invite you to continue to provide us with feedback as we make this transition, and hope that if you are not already a member of the museum that you will consider joining this year. Thank you for supporting the Chazen—I hope to see you at the museum soon. groups. The insight we gained from the survey has been incredibly helpful in understanding why our In addition, I want to thank all of you who took the communication regarding the new program will be members support the Chazen and what we can do to thank them for their generosity. Starting in 2019, the museum’s membership program will be redesigned to have fewer but broader levels for distinct benefits for each giving level, and focus on Amy Gilman, Director Chazen Museum of Art giving. Based on your feedback, we will offer more 8–9 A new position and a new internship. 10–11 A very Wisconsin accession. 12–13 Meet me at the Chazen… for coffee! project, which we will be screening at the Marquee Current and upcoming exhibitions. providing you with the types of experiences at the HBO to produce a documentary on this ongoing friends, 2–7