Artscene ArtScene Fall 2018

8–9 10–11 Current and Upcoming Exhibitions New Work from a Visiting Artist I look forward to meeting you at the Chazen soon. Amy Gilman, Director Chazen Museum of Art Meet New Staff Members Fun in the Sun Throughout these changes, we will rely on your feedback and support as we endeavor to create the best possible museum experience for our visitors, and seek to epitomize the Wisconsin Idea. While these may be lofty goals, if the past year has taught me anything it is that there are no limits to what we can learn and to the breadth of our reach. 6–7 The response to that question has been a combination of evaluation, planning, and experimentation. We are discovering different ways to showcase and interpret our permanent collection, as well as bring in new acquisitions and temporary exhibitions that reflect a broad worldview. We are also focusing on ways to reach audiences—both familiar and new—through increased public programming. We are committed to presenting work of the past and the present, engaging all our visitors in new ways of seeing the world through works of art. And once we bring people to the museum, we want them to stay! In that effort, you will see some changes to the visitor experience over the next months, especially in the Chazen’s Mead Witter Lobby (hint: it involves coffee, wine, and comfortable seating). introduces the group to unique aspects of Wisconsin. During the trip, I experienced first-hand what a broad, diverse, and vital impact the university has throughout the state—from the fourth-generation potato growers at Coloma Farms, to the Fox Lake Correctional Institution, to an introduction to native peoples and the majestic environments around Lake Superior. Inspired by the Wisconsin Idea, I have asked our staff to examine deeply the work that they do, and to ask themselves a critical question: “What can we do to become the largest, most inclusive arts classroom on campus and in the community?” friends, 2–5