Arts & International Affairs: Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2018 - Page 67

KOREAN POPULAR CULTURE AND HISTORICAL SENSIBILITIES IN EAST ASIA are not under Japanese colonial rule now. Cheers, Taiwan. Indepen- dent activists fought strenuously for Korea’s independence, but now pro-Japanese collaborators prosper, sadly” (Sarapina, 사라피나, 193 likes, 9 dislikes). Emotions, Historical Sensibilities, and Contradictory Processes of Border-Making The Tzuyu Incident generated the intensity of political-cultural reactions among peo- ple in Taiwan and South Korea. Tzuyu’s apology video elicited immediate and strong emotional reactions from people in these two locations by evoking an ISIS video. Dun- combe and Bleiker note that visual images of an ISIS video with a hostage and the sub- sequently triggered emotions caused an instant public and political response worldwide (2015:37). Although the apology video was not intended to emulate an ISIS image, viewers overwhelmingly drew a parallel between the two, and this caused emotions to flow across national borders to share their support for Tzuyu. In Taiwan, the incident served as a factor that sparked open support for and affirmation of Taiwanese identity among people as well as presidential candidates from different political parties. The incident played a crucial role in awakening Taiwan’s historical rela- tions with China and the island’s long-held intern 7G'VvvW2&WGvVVFW'2@6FW'2FvW6R&W76W27VFFR6&RFV6bFVFG&6W76W2vfVFBFRFV&FR6VFW&VB&VBvWFW"FW&RFvW6R6W6R"&F6֖&ǒ&VWFV2&V7FVBFFR6FVB'7W'Fr6^( 2FvW6RFVЧFG&V66WG7&V6vǒ&W7V7G2FRǗRGW7G'FRFW&ǗR26PFVFFƗ7F26VFVBFB&V7VGW&&GV7G2&R7V66W76gVBǐ6'WB67&72FRv&R#sSR7VGW&&V7G2FB6&R66FW&V@2'BbǗR&RF6RFBfR&VVW6VBFB66WFVB'f&VvVFV6W0r#S##( 3##"FB2( BWfW'&VG&f"6rGFW rV"&Vv&R&VVBǗ^( FǒF6RFBfR&VVW'FVB@FR67V66W76gVǞ( #sSF2FVFV7266Vǒ&VFVBFFRvF@&V66WG&Vv&G2&RvǒF6RvfRvVB6R6'Bb&V6vFfW'6V2f"FV"6WfVVG2FF6RvfRFR6FW7F6ǒvWFW"@&R6VƖr&V&GV7G2"vr7'G26WFF2BVR#3RFR&W7V7Bf"B&FRF6Rv6WfR&V6vFf&Vv6VG&W26&R6VVFR6vrfWw2b&W7V7FVB6&VW'2r6G&VF&V6RǗP7F"2&V6RFR7BV"6&VW"7&FrVr6WF&V2ƖP##3c'WBFRGWR6FVB2&FVB6WF&VWFV2F7&72ǗRFЦ6fW'vV֖r7W'Bf"GWRBV&Ɩ26FVFb26VVЧ&VWFV>( F67W'6fR&V7F2FFRGW^( 2fr6G&fW'76w2FBFR6FV@cp