Arts & International Affairs: Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2018 - Page 48

THE ARTS, PARTICIPATION, AND GLOBAL INTERESTS An intense discussion followed. The Fellows debated the differences between empathy and sympathy, artistic closeness and empathic distance, and whether empathy is a process or an end. Asif Majid introduced the psychological concept of “interpathy” that combines empathy and sympathy. “What’s not empathy?,” asked Consuelo Hidalgo. The answers brought in judgment, pathological personality traits, and disengagement. Empathy may be necessary in the human experience for how we relate to one another, but it appears not sufficient alone for achieving meaningful results in the cultural and political spheres. Day 5: Anger and Anxiety How do societal anger and anxiety influence cultural activity on local, national and transnational scales? This theme also examines how artists create meaning from anger and anxiety in society at large. After seeing “The Divide” at the Edinburgh International Festival, today Fellows reflected on the theme of Anger & Anxiety. By Zach Marschall 47