Arts & International Affairs: Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2018 - Page 44

ARTS & INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS through direct contact versus secondary representations, and witnessing via digital and multimedia platforms. To bear witness requires the individual to engage with the outside world—both inside and outside performance spaces. The five Fellows in the Witness group acknowledged this dynamic as they opened deliberations for Day 4. They used their individual presen- tations to provide snapshots of how they encounter acts of witnessing in each of their artistic practices. Chris Creegan exposed the role of place in witnessing by reading aloud Tony Walsh’s poem “This Is the Place,” a meditation on Manchester’s history and legacy the artist orat- ed in public in the wake of the May 2017 terrorist attacks. Acknowledging his ties to his native Manchester, Chris stated to the group that they may not appreciate the dialect or regional references as he does because “they’re not of your place; they’re of mine.”   For Jumana Al-Yasiri, place was not 6"WfV&Vv'WBG&6F6ЦV7FFFR&"7&rf"F6RƖRW"&&F67W27&vfR&VVffV7FVB'FRfV6RV7R&WBW"&V7FF7BvN( 2W&f&6Pl*&דFRg&FƖR*W76( 2VFVF&WFVƖrb2W'6WW&V6R27Ц&bVwF&W67F6RGW&rFRfW'F&rb6V&&6R7FFVBFBvP6R2BVwFFRG&'VF<*&דFRg&FƖ\*&V'2vFW72F6WFpFB( ƆVVBFbW2( ХvFFRvFW72FVR67W'&rV"FR֖GBbFRvVVrv&7VGW"ЦfVw2&w&RFR7VW'2vW&R&RG&r&WfW2F67W762FP6V7F2&WGvVVFVW2FWf&&VFVBW"FW'&WFFl*&GFWЧ&W726RfVB6vf66RrFRW&f&W'2W6VBFV"&FW2FW&W72FV FW7Fb&7FGWFFFWff6ƗFFVB'FW"&6VBfVVBWW&66W0&WGvVVFRfVw2&FW"f"FVFVFW'7FBf'7BֆBrfVVBB7FЦW7266V6FR7G2b&V&rvFW72fvrW7FW&F( 26w&WF67W762FRfVw2&6VVFVBF'&VWBFFV"( v&B6l:( v6VVFW2FRg&VRfVVB&WGvVV6fW'6F26ffVP62B62FWf( 2w&Wf7W6VBFRWF72bvFW76s&67FЧFFFVBFwVR7&VFrFf&2f"vFW76s6FƖ6V676G6VBW"w&WF'F7VFRFR&W76&ƗFW2b&V&rvFW73VVBF67W2Ч6FR'F7BBvFW736&2W6VB( v&B6l:( FV&&FR6R26VG&f7F"F&V&rvFW72FR( v&B6l:( BFR7V'6WVVB&vRw&WFwVRvƖvFVBr&V&pvFW72FW'fVW2ƗF6B66FV62'WB6FV7G&FVBFB&V&pvFW722FVƖ&W&FR7F&VV6WVBW"FV66FW&f&*FPVVV2b7&&6VBW'2BVW'>( WW&V6W2vFFRfV6R7&6R6B( ĒfVBBv2ג&W76&ƗGF&RvFW72BBf7F( УC@