Arts & International Affairs: Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2018 - Page 33

HYPOCRITE, ACTOR, POLITICIAN ... Butler, Judith, and Athena Athanasiou. (2013) Dispossesion: The Performative in the Po- litical. Cambridge: Polity. Castoriadis, Cornelius. (1997) The Greeks and the Modern Political Imaginary. In World in Fragments: Writings on Politics, Society, Psychoanalysis and the Imagi ][ۋY [[ˈ]Y[Y\\\ 8$L ˈ[ܙ[ܙ[]\]H\˂Xܙ ^K NNMHNMJHHY]HوHXXK][ܚΈۙH˂\\۞K MHX]H[ݙ\[H[]Z[ ML 8$NL [[ܘXK\ܙ\[H]K[XYN[XYH[]\]H\˂\\\]\ˈ M H[[ܘXH\HYXY[YKPH LH N x$ N ]ˈ NNNJH] x$؋[XYX[Y\Y[[ˈY][Z[ۈ[[[ۈZ\ Lx$MLLˈ[]ێ[]ۈ[]\]H\˂[K[X[K MMJH\[X\^H^Y\&\ܛYK܈Xܸ&\YYKۙێܙ[˂