Arts & International Affairs: Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2018 - Page 25

THE ENDURING VISION OF A WORLD WITHOUT WAR Mattern, Janice Bially. (2005) Why ‘Soft Power’ Isn’t So Soft: Representational Force and the Sociolinguistic Construction of Attraction in World Politics. Millennium— Journal of International Studies 33 (3): 583–612. Maurel, Chloé. (2010) From the East-West Major Project (1957) to the Convention on Cultural Diversity (2007): UNESCO and Cultural Borders. The Cultural Frontiers of Europe. ]\[Y\ˈ\[وH[]]H܈]\ܙY[ۘ[YY\N ͸$LKX]Y[ܙY[\[Z\ L HHY[HوXXNHHوYKBXH[[\H[Hܝ\\[[XXH\ˈ\ RΈ[[X YK\ˈ NNL H[XYH[[]\Hو[Y\X[\]–[ܚΈ\X˂YK\ˈ Hٝ\HYX[X\[ܛ]Xˈ][ܚ΂XXYZ\˂]ˈ ˑKHܙX\ˈ[]YH[[Z[] X؝\N\[XBX KY]\X\ˈ NNNJHH\و[HY[H^]܈X[]Oˈۙێ]–[ܚΈ۝[][K][ [Y\]Xˈ NMJHST[ܛ]XΈ[Y[[[\][ۘ[KB][ۜˈ[]ۋ[]ۈ[]\]H\˂[  L H[]Y][ۜYX][ۘ[ Y[YX[[\[ܙ[^][ۈ SBTNܙX][ܛ\܈H\^ܛ ][ܚΈ]YK[\]Y[[ NNJH[XYH[]X[[K[]X[[ݘ][ۈ[ۘ\X[[KYˈ\[H[ [Y\\[\[ [ۋ $̌ˈ[KBYN[XYH[]\]H\˂^[܋[\K H][][ۜوHZ[H\ܞHوY[HHH[Y[ܛH\[\K\Y][ۋX[\\X[\\[]\]H\˂HX\X[ MJH[H\\\ؚ]X\KY\[\HYY][HوX[[H NXX\H MK΋˝YX\X[KYYXǨ KٙXN ˜Y\[˙X\X[ؚ]X\Y\ψ X\Y ؙ\ MKH[Y\ˈ NNMJH[YYY\ˈؚ]X\K \[X\ NNMKH[Y\Y][\]KSTˈ NM JHSTۜ]][ۋSTˈ NML H\وST&\Y]ST&\^X]]H\  M[X\BNML  NHV K\\ΈST˂