Arts & International Affairs: Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2018 - Page 17

THE ENDURING VISION OF A WORLD WITHOUT WAR are the best films to illustrate the civilisation and contemporary work of individual Asian Member States of Unesco” (UNESCO 1957a). After negotiations stretching over sev- eral months, a contract was signed with the BFI, the main role of which was to prepare the catalogue. According to the initial agreement, UNESCO was to pay the BFI £1050 to compile the catalogue (£350 for part one and £700 for part two)—about £23,700 in current value (This is n.d.). On top of this, UNESCO agreed to an addi- tional payment for including the U.S.S.R. in the catalogue half way through the project after some confusion about whether or not the Soviet Union was to be categorised as an Eastern country. The BFI was founded in 1933, following a recommendation made by the Commission on Educational and Cultural Films. The Commission reported that: “A film has a national conception and an international life. [ ... ] No nation which produc- es films and no nation which imports films produced by others can afford to ignore the cinema, and any society of nations such as the British Empire or the League of Nations must look on the cinema both as an international force and as an international problem” (Quoted in Druick 2007:36). As Zoë Druick notes, in the early years, there clearly was a nationalistic and imperialistic aspect to the BFI’s mandate (ibid.). But of course, a lot had happened since 1933, most notably the collapse of the British Empire, which then called for a change of direction. Since 1948, the focus of the Institute has been on encouraging the development of the art of film and on fostering public appreciation and study of it. During the project, James Quinn as the director of the BFI handled most of the com- munications with UNESCO. Known as a true cinema aficionado, he is credited as a key architect in the development of the BFI. He established the London Film Festival and during his tenure, 1955–64, the National Film Theatre was built and the regional film theatres s \[HۜܙYHHH\ܙX]Y [Y\]Z[\[]\HوB[]X[X[]Y\][YYH[Y\وH][YHڙX8'H[HX\Y܂[]\[ۈ\X][ۈ[H\^HZYH]]ۈ܈]X[X\ۜB[ܜ8'HH^Z[Y\[܈[[Hܙ[و8']Z[Xx'H[8'X\Y8'B܈[]\[ۈ8'[\Z]XH܈[]\[۸'H\Yۈ[ܙH[\Y[[X BX[X]\ ST NMN K]Z[&\ܜ\ۙ[H[]X[[[]\[˜]]YH\H]X[]Hو[[XH[[\[ۘ[HܛHۘX[Y\\[ BY[[][\Z\H\\[ۋ܈^[\KZ\[\X\HY]ق\ۙK\H]X[]HوZ\X]\H[HX[ۈ\Y[H[Y܈H][YH ST NMNJK\\YܙYYHHH[HZ\[BY[Z\[ۙ\[ۙۋ]\ۋ]\Y\Y]]ZY [X HBY\XH[ۈ[YH8'YZ\[H[\'H[H][YH[XYو[Y B[[H ST NMNKH[[XX][ۈ[Y\\X]\H[\XY[Z\[]\Y]X]\H[Y\X]\Y[H][YH[[XYK[H]\KHX[[\وY[Y]X[]HHܙY[YXY HXX][ۈ[HY\]HH[YH[YK\ˈ[YYY\وH]\[H[]]HۈH\و\[[B][YH[XXK[YZ[]\H]H\ZYHۙY\8']M