Arts, Crafts, Music, & Events of Breckinridge County Issue 8, January 2016 - Page 54

Grandma’s Fan block was done in memory of Margaret Mathews and is located on the Travis and Molly White Farm at 8150 Highway 1401, Garfield, KY. The White’s thought the blocks look nice on the buildings and wanted to be a part of this interesting project. Ms. Matthews, Molly’s grandmother, made a quilt before she passed away. They used her pattern but their own choice of color to match their farm. The “Fan” block was done in memory of Pauline Butler who was a quilter. This pattern was from a quilt that she made. This block is located at 3044 Hwy 60 E, Harned, KY. The Butler family just wanted to have something of their mother on display.