Arts, Crafts, Music, & Events of Breckinridge County Issue 8, January 2016 - Page 53

Granny’s Fan is the block located at Dreamland Farm at 5121 E Hwy 60, Harned, KY. This quilt block is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Frank Reams and Lois Phillips, Mrs. Ream’s grandmother. After Mr. Reams passed away, Sarita Reams knew he would have wanted her to do the quilt, because Mr. Reams had discussed the idea of a family quilt before his death. Mrs. Reams was asked to give a brief history of the quilt block she selected and what sparked her interest in being a part of the Breckinridge County Quilt Trail. Here is her response: I felt this was a very unique project. My mother, grandmother, and aunts made quilts and have passed them down to family members. I thought it would be special to show a family quilt on our barn. I love the idea. I love the quilts. As a child growing up in Indianapolis, I would spend one or two weeks in Campbellsville with my grandparents. Granny had a big bed with a feather mattress that you could sink down in and feel all good and safe. On the bed was a colorful fan quilt that I loved. Granny liked bright colors (red, yellow, blue, green and purple). My favorite memory was sleeping under the quilt on a rainy night. The roof was a tin roof and the sound of rain on it was soothing and made me feel happy. Granny’s Fan quilt has a special place in my heart. Feed sacks and pieces from the family clothes made up Granny’s quilt. I know her love went into it. I can still see her making a quilt if I close my eyes and think. I wonder what Granny would say if she could see her quilt on our barn.