Arts, Crafts, Music, & Events of Breckinridge County Issue 8, January 2016 - Page 52

The Clothesline of Quilts Committee missed the month of December, so in keeping with the holiday season and the New Year where thoughts often turn to people and events from years gone by the following blocks have been selected for the month of January. The Holiday season for many people bring angels to mind. The “Mom’s Guardian Angel” block is located at the home of Loye and Cathy Lucas at 272 Ruppert Askins Lane, Harned, KY. Ms. Lucas is a collector of and a believer in angels. Her son Josh got the opportunity to paint this block for her which holds special meaning to her especially as Josh passed away in July 2015. Also, many times the holidays cause thoughts to fan back through time and remember parents and grandparents who are no longer here to celebrate. The following fan blocks were selected to be featured and are just some of the quilt block patterns that have been done in memory of grandmothers who were quilters.