Arts, Crafts, Music, & Events of Breckinridge County Issue 8, January 2016 - Page 37

Here is a poem I wrote about mules that pretty well sums up what I have said. It says what any farmer back in the days of plowing with mules would say about them. In Defense of Mules Behind two old mules, I’ve watched seasons come and go; Following Gideon and Gabe, I’ve walked years up and down a row. Some people will tell you that these old mules are awfully dumb, But, I can tell you these mules are about as smart as creatures come. Humans will complain for hours about a job they have to do, Wasting time, humans will haw, grumble, gripe, and spew, But, these old mules just put their ears back and get up and go, They will keep on moving until someone ups and hollers, “Whoa!” Humans often make mistakes and seem not to know where they’re going, Yet, these old mules are surefooted; they know where every plant is growing. Hooked together they walk along in unison; they are a well matched pair. They don’t spend time like humans, arguing one’s load is heavier and unfair. And when their day is finally ended, and the sun sits in the west, They don’t have to punch a timeclock or fight traffic to go home and rest. The mules spend no time worrying if they are climbing occupational ladders, Getting home to meals and bed is all to them that matters. ©Lois Abbott Tanner 2012