Arts, Crafts, Music, & Events of Breckinridge County Issue 8, January 2016 - Page 36

parents, the less fortunate, and most vulnerable that cannot care for themselves. They are the ones that try to insure peace, morals, and the value of all others. I will choose the mules and ordinary people any day over the racehorses and most people of fame. I am not calling anyone’s grandma, grandpa, or parents a mule, but, if we all stop and think about it, the reason we remember and honor these people and others who have inspired us, watched over us, and taught us, long after they are dead and gone, are not for their racehorse qualities of being beautiful, winning a trophy once in their lives, being worth a good sum of money, or being in the light for a short time. We remember them for the qualities they share with the mules. They worked hard, they were loyal and cared for us day after day, they never asked for or expected big things for themselves, and they gave their all to the people they cared about in their family and also out in the community. They did this for all of us until they finally became too old and worn out to carry on and went to their rest. Now, you know most of the reasons t hat I am tenderhearted towards mules and like the creatures so much. I hope all this rambling I did in this short essay made sense in the end. ©Lois Tanner 2015