Arts, Crafts, Music, & Events of Breckinridge County Issue 8, January 2016 - Page 32

have a choice, bluegrass, country, and old mountain ballads are my favorites. So, after this paragraph, you should get the idea what I mean by being country and liking rustic things. I also like mules for many other reasons. One of which is that mules are pretty stubborn and settled in their ways. You can’t change their minds until they are ready to change them on their own. I am pretty much planted down in solid soil on my ways of doing also. Some women move furniture over and over, not me, this old girl wants to come home and find her bed where it is supposed to be, the couch where I sat yesterday, and the milk on the bottom shelf where it has always been. I put those things where I like them and there ain’t (yes, I know there isn’t any such word as ain’t and that it is not proper grammar, but sometimes only ain’t will fit the bill) any reason to move them that I can see or second guess myself now. Mules are like that too, if they plowed the same field two days in a row before, that is the field they want to head off to plow the next day. In the mules’ way of thinking, that field ought to be good enough to plow today too. Mules and I don’t take to changes much unless we get used to the idea first and come up with the idea ourselves. I am also one of those odd people that find incredible beauty in mules. I know most women and plenty of men think mules are ugly, big- eared, funny creatures. But, to me, two matching mules in fancy gear and curry combed are right pretty beasts. I have mule paintings in my home. However, they are not some fancy artwork that a guy painted a nose over here and an ear over there. My mules on my walls look like the ones you find out in a field or a barn. I want to understand my art, thank you kindly. I want no art that I have to like because someone else declared it brilliant, enlightening, the rage this year, matches the newest paint color,