Arts, Crafts, Music, & Events of Breckinridge County Issue 8, January 2016 - Page 29

Well, years flew past, and in a far off jungle, I went to fight someone‟s war, I saw sights that growing tobacco and the farm never prepared me for. There were days I thought I‟d never be alive when the night came; I wondered what the world was coming to, was anything still the same? But, then I‟d get a letter, when I‟d think I could not hold on another day, And at the end of it, “Son, I‟m here at home waiting for you”, Daddy would always say. Finally a year in Vietnam ended, and just liked he said, my Dad was waiting there. It seemed that year had bent him some, and gray was found now in his hair. After that, faraway places didn‟t look so good, I had stopped wanting to roam. So, I settled down and made my life, married, and raised my own child. The first time I said to my child, “Come on, I‟ll wait for you.” I had to smile. Because long ago, my Daddy set me a hard row to hoe, That old man taught me all in time I needed to know. He taught me in life to sow, gather, and when to cull the weed, Which I guess in life, are most of the lessons you‟ll ever need. But, then, maybe there is one more thing a kid needs to hear, “You know child, I‟m here waiting for you”, whispered in their ear. © Lois Abbott Tanner 2009