Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 5

contents Volume 01 : Issue 05 15 31 23 Scott Scheidly Dana Hargrove Brill Adium 5 Publisher’s Note by Jonathan Yubi 8 Architecture The Standard, Simple bungalow by Matt Duke 11 From the Desk of... Features Scott Scheidly 39 Out of Towner Dana Hargrove by Leah Sandler by Jonathan Yubi What Would Jesus Do? by Jenn Allen by Pat Greene Brill Adium Spotlights Geurts 9 Brandon by Leah Sandler Myers 47 Ed by Jessica Pirani by Rob Goldman Bodies and Things: Shana Moulton’s Universe 42 Fashion & The Non-Traditional Job by Laila Silva 43 A Curatorial Perspective by Amy Galpin 46 Literature ‘The Wingman’ of Loose Lips by Mary McGinn 49 Review Art Gallery at Mills Park by Hind Berji 51 First Contact ARTBORNE Orlando’s Art Scene, v. 1.5 Infamous & Twin by Charlie Griffin 4