Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 47

LiteratureTod Caviness “The Wingman” of Loose Lips by Mary McGinn campaign, etc.—and I end up learning something obscure every month. I’ve been really surprised by how eager the writers are to take on this extra writing assignment.” Before I knew his name, I knew Tod Caviness as “The Wingman”. A reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, Caviness covered the news in Central Florida that seemed the most relevant to my existence at the time. His beat was nightlife. I started to follow his content in 2012, and met him as a human person a few years later. He was taller than I’d pictured him to be, and an articulate performer. Last year, after over a decade as a staff writer, he turned in his wings. inspired by things in the news anyway. How can you not be? We live in those ‘interesting times’ the Chinese warned us about. It’s also a good guarantee that the writing is going to be fresh every month.” As an attendee of this showcase, I can attest to this. While the work is all linked by the current events theme, the content produced by our local Central Florida authors is dynamic. Caviness values this. “It’s like Christmas every month for me. Most of the time, I know what the authors are going But he didn’t put down his pen. Caviness still to write about, but their take on it almost alwrites regularly—mostly funny, short essays ways exceeds expectations. For the most part, and fiction—but admits he’s “as prone to per- people don’t take the easy bait—the Trump sonal, heartfelt poetry as the next drunk.” I wager a guess that poetry might be of particular nostalgic value to him, as it was this genre that brought him into his journalism career. “Through the poetry,” he explains, “I met some people who were much more motivated than I was (RIP Kelly Fitzpatrick), who encouraged me to start writing short reviews and features for an online magazine put out by the Orlando Sentinel. T ЁЁ䁙Ёѡ)Ёѡȁ啅́ѕȸٕՅ䰁ͽ)ѥչٕȁٕ䁽ѡ)䰁ͼѡѽ̃ɕѡ䁵Ё́ݕ)ٔѱյ%ӊéȁ)䁩Ё'eѥɕѥɔ)ѡɔt)Q́ѕɔЁѡMѥ݅ͻe)ѡ́ɽݥѠɕЁ̸) ٥́ɕѕѡ䰁ɅѕѕɅ)ٕЁѡɽչѡ̸qQɥѕ́$ߊQ͕ՑQѕѼ)=ɱéЁMظĸ()QٕЁ́1͔1́х́)ѡЁQՕ͑䁽ѡѠЁ5)х1%̸QٕՔ́䁽)5䁹Ёѕȁ Ё մ͍ɥ́ѡ٥̃qх丁1)׊eɔɥɥé͔t])݅́Ʌѥѡٕ́а ٥́܁)݅ѕ1͔1́Ѽх٥ɽЁѡиq$ٔѡ ٽ)ɕՐϊQЁ́ɔ)ٕͅѥͽܸєѡ)ЁЁ͍ͥѥ̰́ѡ)́ݡЁt$ͬݡӊéЁȁ)ɥ ѕ́Ѓq䁙ѥم)met饱ȁЁ啅Ȼt!́)é͡ɽչЁȁ)̰ͅq1͔1́́䁍䁍Ȼt)ѽ́55)eԁ͕ɔ)1͔1́Ё1%̰)ѡЁQՕ͑䁽ٕ䁵Ѡ)ѕЀ؁85́ٔ)=ɱ0((((