Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 41

Neckbrace Dress. Moulton explained that the dresses were the first part of the project she created in graduate school, and that Cynthia was a tool she devised to activate the dresses. In Cynthia’s universe, objects have a mystical relationship with the body, as prosthesis, as portal, as autonomous entity. In Galactic Pot Healer Ascension—a two-channel video with sound and sculpture—Cynthia accidentally shatters a teal, ceramic vessel, and then attempts to have it fixed by a mysterious, pink-robed figure (the pot healer.) Unable to repair the shards, the healer has Cynthia lie down for a massage. The healer then proceeds to sculpt a new pot from Cynthia’s clay back, digging handfuls of flesh and molding it into the sides of the new vessel. The pot is fired in a microwave, and comes out as an exact replica of the first shattered ceramic vessel. The shards of a similar pot are displayed in the accompanying sculptural video installation. Footage of the pot healer performing ritualistic gestures is projected onto a trapezoidal, sculptural base. Each of the gestures sends a small, projected object ascending a set of sculptural stairs, in a video The Undiscovered Drawer, mixed media installation game-like motion. The Undiscovered Drawer, a single-channel video with sound, was displayed in a teal cabinet decorated with small objects—reading glasses with a third, hinged, lens for the third eye; statues of round, smooth, abstracted feminine figures; and mannequin hands. In the video, Cynthia becomes attached to various objects by an invisible force, the objects following her around as she moves. At another point in the video, Cynthia repurposes an ergonomic keyboard into a musical instrument and performs a rendition of Coldplay’s Clocks. The installation contained several other references to marking the passage of time, including weekly pill organizers and the presence of multiple time-keeping devices. Each video, installation, and object in the exhibition blurred the distinctions between the body and its extensions into space—the objects through which we understand, manipulate, and communicate with the world. You can see more at: Pepto Bismol Immodium Walker Dress, Eyes Without a Face, Princess Neck Brace installation shot Orlando’s Art Scene, v. 1.5 40