Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 37

yourself if you want to do this for the rest of your life. For me, and any other person who is trying to do something in life, that answer is no. So, I have not had a job on paper in maybe six years, but that is because that breakthrough is when you realize that people with a nametag can treat you any type of way. That never made sense to me. With a 9-to-5 job, you cannot accomplish what you really want to accomplish in life. talent and gift. Gift is having a vision before you act. It is not something where we woke up last week and thought, “Hey, this is cool, we can make a lifestyle out of this.” This is something we have been thinking about since we were little, and that is the vision that I am talking about. A lot of people do not have that vision, they just think of things to do in life. You either focus on something that is true, or you sacrifice that for a paycheck. It is all about what you want to do in life, and I really want to make something of my life. I do not want to just be living here and not getting to experience life. That is not what I was made for. It is a cycle when you work a job. You wake up, go to work, and go to sleep. I do not want to live life as just a cycle. As an artist, to stay fresh with ideas, I think you always have to change it up, or else life will just become boring and dry. Another one is when people do not recognize the talent that you possess. Everything that I am doing right now is the same thing that I am doing when I am successful, but when I am successful, people say, “That’s good, that’s impeccable,” but I have had this the whole time. Nothing has changed except the genuine support. When you get to that stage of success, you do not really know what is genuine at that point, and everything is just lost in translation. Success is a double edged sword. from left to right: Here and Now, Pain, This is It, Emotional 4, acrylic on wood What pisses you off? Can I answer this with multiple answers? My number one pet peeve is when people give up on their dreams. No matter what happens in life, it should force you to keep going. It should not force you to give up. If anything, it should make you want it more and want to keep going. When people doubt us as artists, that is a pet peeve. No matter how long it takes, we are going to get it done, so you should never doubt us. If you doubt an artist, that hurts more than anything. We may not accomplish it tomorrow, because it is trial and error, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I know I am going to get there, you just have to believe in it. That is all I ask of everyone that is around me. Not everybody in life has a vision but that is what I think separates Orlando’s Art Scene, v. 1.5 What makes you happiest? Progress. My family. I mean, my friends as family. They understand what you are trying to do. Hope. What is your happy place? My mind, at certain points. My mind is always changing, I feel all of us artists are bipolar. If I am completely happy, something is wrong. The same way as if I am in a lot of pain, something is wrong. It is a balance, an ongoing balance. The happy place is just where I am being creative. What is your dream project? To create a platform so that no matter what happens, no matter what 36