Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 34

out there? I am sure it is another level, I feel like this is level one, and how well we play level one is what determines what level two is. sense that he doesn’t know who he is. Basically, you read five hundred books, only to understand you have to read a thousand more. Your work is never done. What makes a good leader? Responsibility, understanding mistakes, understanding that there is room for growth, understanding that there is still stuff to learn—no matter how much you know—and really understanding how much you can take on as a leader. You do not want to get overworked because that builds up stress, and then you cannot function and be the leader that you want to be. Then there is the ego. Out of all the characters he is the strongest one, physically. Mentally, he is the weakest. Out of all these characters, you need the ego to compete, to win, to be up to par. We are all of these characters but I feel like as an artist, what makes me creative is pain. It is the pain and the confusion. I feel like all the great artists, they are pulling it from somewhere. For me, I pull my art from pain. Without it, there would just be white canvas with some stuff that you have seen before. If you were not an artist, what would you be? Dead. Life does not make sense without the calling. As an artist, it just does not make sense. What problems are you hoping to solve? To be honest, my main focus before my demise is: I just want equality. True equality, not the American dream. I am not saying everybody should be rich. I am not saying that everybody should be poor. I want everybody to start off with the same resources as the next person. I want everybody to have a fair shot at life, because that is not what is happening right now. Emotional 4, acrylic on wood So if you could pass a bill through Congress right now, what would that be? First, I would take away tuition and make studying free. Schooling and What do you think happens when we die? Everyday, I think, I give a different answer. I do not know. I feel like studying in other countries is free. I feel like the United States is doing it is definitely something greater than this, but who am I to say what is everything backwards. Finances are the root of a lot of problems. One right: Go Broke, acrylic on wood below: wall murial and installation from the #HelloBasquiat show at Defined Enterprise, photo by Jason Fronczek 33