Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 33

Brill Adium by Rob Goldman Brill Adium is making faces. In his art, the face says it all. In himself, the name says it all: Brill-iant. I like to pick apart names and see how they relate to people. I often think about the words that make up a name. His last name, Adium—not to be confused with odium—says something about who he is. The prefix ad- means to, or toward, and -ium is a suffix meaning “derivative of.” Adium is made of forward movement, always headed toward his goals. Rob Goldman: What is your first memory? Brill Adium: [Laughing] First regards to what? Just think as far back as you can. What comes to mind? It is a random question, not all these questions are directly art related. (Or are they?) First memory…I think my first memory is when I officially dropped out of high school. His art is crudely calculated. Its value comes from his preparation and his intention. There is a lot of life, emotion, experience, and especially Is Orlando your hometown? pain fueling his work. The rather large-scale painting style means that No. I was born in Alabama, but I moved here around 10th grade, so the face he paints is sometimes the size of an average human torso. Orlando is practically my hometown. For the viewer, I believe he demonstrates What is special about a sense of introspecOrlando to you? tion. When we look When I was living in at ourselves in a mirAlabama, it was either ror, almost always, black or white [people.] we make eye contact No Spanish people, Jawith our reflection. maican people, MexiAdium translates that cans—only either black moment with his or white. But when I paintings. came to Florida, there were all these people, His politics is peoand all these languagple. Of course, as an es they could speak. detail from: Promise to Never, acrylic on wood There are people from artist, his message is pure, so his art is everywhere! One of the not inherently political. You mig ^H\]X[\H\[X[]Kܘ^Y\[]H]HXYX]ܛ[\]Hو[BX]\H]\۸&]Y[HZHx&\ۙHZHY\ˈHY[Z\[H\HX[HZ[\܈]\HH[HܚY[[HB\ [x&\ۈHYHوHZ\[\ Y[H\YKܛ[˂]\[ۙH\Z\[\ H[[[]HY][x&\ܚ[YB^K]8&\\وH]8&\[XXK]8&\\HYXHو\ ]8&\\H[Hܝ^Z[[[\\’H\H^X\[[ ]\\X[HH^Y\[[[[ۜ]BHYXHو[\[Y[YKH]H[و\H[[[ۜ]܈YH[KY][H\ۛۈHX[H\Hۙ\وH\[H[Y{ [YۙH\ۘ]\[ܙH[[H\ˈ[H]H\Kۙ\[ۋ[\\\ˈ]\H[\HXH[[[[۝H[[Z\[\Z[Y۝[Y[ [Hݙ\]\ ݚYHHXH܈\\[ܙX]]\\YHZ\[XY[][ۜ˂HXܙ[Y[[]HH[\\Xܙ]\X[[H[[[HوOXۙH[]BZHY[[X\\[H۝[\HH\YZ[[[[O˜[Y[[][HوXH܈[ܚˈ{ [Y[\H]\XH[]\ۙH[ܙH[H\Hݙ\]\\Z[[\\[\HY[X[ۈX[H\\Z\Y[ˈXܙ[]]H[YH[YKHZ[H\ܛY] X[X]\BZ\X]K8'[Y][H\[ Y[H]\H\\]H]Z[Hو[Y[ [و\[x&\HZ[[ٝ[x&\HXX[Bݙ\[Y][\ [[H]HH\HۙK\Hۈ\و[\][ۈ\ۈܚ[ۈZ\ڙX 'B[X\][ ]H\]X[][ [\H\H۝[ۙKBHY]Y][H[\XX\\YK]\Y \Y[\HH\ܚH\[ˈH\ܜYYX][ܜH\ܜYY[ZHHYH]\[ܛ[\\[H[YYX]Y\\^KH\ۛHܜYYX]ˈH[]\XH’[\X[ ]\HZXܛHو^YH[K[H[Y[HH[\[H[\ܝ[Hو][[H˂X]H[\H[X[][HH\YH܈ZHHYY[ݙ[B[&]^HHY[\Y Z]\^H]ܚ]HYXH[HH[\x&\Z[\^H\[وZ[%]\H{ X[ۈوZ[Y[]\ؘXHH[[Y[YHH\YH[Y]H\YH[[ۜ\%[\Y[\X܈\^KH\X[H[Z[Y[ݙ\]^YX[ˈY\Y][HYH]YXZY\\YH\[ݙKX]\H]\]\][[NZ[Y[][ۜ\܈[Hܛ[\YٙH[\X[ \[[H\YZ[YY[\H\X[][ۜ\][Z[K[\B\Hۙ\YۙK[H^HH\ۙ\Y HYX[[B]^HXܙ[]XH[H[˂ܛ[&\\[K KB̂