Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 17

Scott Scheidly by Jonathan Yubi; introduction by Vanessa Barros Andrade All of the “political” artists are hard at work making fools of the can- could have so much support. Scheidly isn’t interested in watching the didates (whom they disapprove of) running in this upcoming election. debates; he says there’s only a certain amount of pain he could bear. I There are memes, paintings, and satirical videos reflecting the opin- want to understand the ways Scheidly expresses his disapproval through ions of American society. I kind of love that. It’s fun and also these paintings. He lost a lot of people from his mailing list pretty glam. I’m not very interested in painting as a when he sent out an email update about his clown contemporary art form. I’m not interested in painting of Trump being available in print. I the displaying of a skill set. I am interestasked Scheidly if there was anything he ed in the aspects of politically driven says to Trump’s audience with his art that convey emotional experiart. He said, “Please reconsider.” ence. This is very reflective of expressionism. Stylistically, Scheidly exclusively shows you wouldn’t think of poThe Pinks at Spoke Art litical art as expressionGallery in San Francisism, but the feelings co. that are involved with the choices He’s currently made seem very working on a sesimilar. Expresries of oil paintsionism was part ings for SCOPE of the modernist during Art movement—it Basel Miami forced art to Beach this represent emoDecember. tion through I reenactexperience and ed what it feeling rather would be like than simply to walk into convey objects a solo show or landscapes featuring The from reality. A Pinks. Here’s a lot of the masters short screenplay who came out of documenting a the expressionist friend’s and my movement painted critique and reabstractly. Perfecting sponse to the work. the forms of the subject wasn’t the focus or con(You can find Vanessa cern of the artist. and Arturo’s screenplay on, along Orlando-based artist Scott with the full article.) Scheidly created a series of paintings called The Pinks. Scheidly is interested in using color theory to distort the image or reputation of these historically evil political figures, like Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong II, and Donald Trump. (Yes, I do consider Trump to be historically evil.) Scheidly expresses Broaching the Subject his disdain for these figures using humor, by dressing them in gendered colors, like pink and purple, and inserting symbols like Hello Kitty and After Vanessa’s screenplay, I felt the need to reach out to Scheidly, and Care Bears to mock them. Humor is one of the most important ele- figure out the reasoning behind her assessment of his work. It occurred ments of The Pinks. He combines these different elements in an attempt to me, this interpretation might be more common than I could’ve ever to show how colors change perspective. assumed. With introductions and formalities out of the way, Scott and The painting of Trump was created out of Scheidly’s disdain for the Republican candidate. He doesn’t understand how anyone like Trump Orlando’s Art Scene, v. 1.5 above: The Pope, acrylic on Masonite, framed left: Ruysch’s Dream, acrylic on Masonite 16