Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 13

Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard, David Duke, and fails to denounce it immediately, he is inexcusable. I heard Trump referred to as “a racist enabler not a racist.” Either way, he is bringing out the worst in humanity. I thought by 2016, we wouldn’t hear people proudly making racist comments. This is a very dangerous precedent, especially when this is the party that not only finds excuses for young blacks being killed by police officers, but also consistently responds with dangerous misinformation like, “there is so much black-on-black crime.” The reality is, there is about an equal level of white-on-white crime. This is the party that aligned itself with George Zimmerman’s stand your ground defense. This is the party that stands by the NRA even when the NRA shows an incredible lack of sensitivity and respect to victims after a mass shooting. This is a party that defends cops killing black men, and never says that the murder offends their religious beliefs, even though something like gay marriage does. I would think the party that says it is closer to God would exhibit more compassion. I was brought up in the Catholic Church. I was taught that Jesus’ compassion is what we are to follow. I remember being told by a priest that a Christian should strive to be like Jesus, and to really think about what Jesus would do. I don’t translate that into open carry, and I don’t understand why places like Liberty University, started by pastor Jerry Falwell, would strongly assert that humans don’t factor into global warming. Why are there so many Christian Republicans buying into this? I think Jesus would be strongly concerned with persevering the planet and not just the immediate economy. I’ve made comments like this and have been accused of being anti-Christian. Tha \[[H]Hو]x&[HY\[˂x&[HY\[]Hو[H\HX\[[Y[ۋ[\[]Z[\[K܈ۜ\]]\ܛX[HYH]H[YHXX[܈[Y]HY[K\[\\[\ZKH\^H[X[B\^[\HوH[\و[KZ[[XX[\KH]\YB[]H[H[YH[XX\ٙ\ܜ[Y[\[B\ܙ\XY x&]HXY]\X\۸&]H[وHYYX[; Y[ ]8&\[\\[Hۜ\]]K[K\Y[B[[Y[\۸&]\YX[HX[]HوܜˈHۛ]H[K]^\ܙ]\Y[[YۙY]H[[ܘ][H۸&]\ܝ]Z]\H۸&][]H[H[YH\HY[\\B\Z\Y\[]\[[XX[ˈx&]HX\ݙ\܈X[˜X]\\Y[X\[\YܙY\ˈ\H\HH[Y[و[H۸&][\[HX\[\[۸&][\[\X\ YH\[X]HH[K[وH[[ܘ]Hۛ™۸&]]HH؛[H\YܙYZ[]\[[ܘ]][قH\XX[Hۛ\H[]\[[Z\[YX[H]Y[X\[\ܝ\وZ\\K]Y[ZHY^H]H[H]K^H[^H[H]\][ˈH۸&]YH[HYܝYH˜H\Z\HHH\[\XX[\KY\\YHYܙYH܂H[[ܘ]\H\H; ]Y ]]X\\H\[Yܝ\ H[ZH]XH[Yܝ\Z\KYH]\[Z\\Y]^H\H[Y[]\HX[H\XX[ˈ\\[HXZH[Y\XHܙX] H]Hܛ\[][ۙ˂Y][\X]\H[\][ۈHۚ^R^Kܛ[&\\[K KBL