Artborne Magazine November 2016 - Page 12

From the Desk of Pat Greene What Would Jesus Do? by Pat Greene I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries. I’m definitely voting for Hillary Clinton during the election. In the past, I’ve said that I’m not a hardcore Democrat, but I am registered as a Democrat so that I can vote in Florida’s closed primaries. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately. After hearing arguments about Donald Trump being a billionaire businessman, and how we need someone with a business mind to run this country, I’ve reconsidered my decision to remain nonpartisan. Even if Trump gave us some enlightenment about how he will accomplish what he says he can accomplish, instead of merely giving vague promises, I would still vote against him, and I would vote against the Republican Party as a whole. He represents the ugly American. His character is indefensible, and the idea that Trump supporters ask me to give them an example when I say that is also indefensible. If you still need examples at this point, you are deplorable. in being a part of the civil rights movement, not blocking civil rights. I’m not a fan of the games the Republicans play, either: government shutdowns, blocking Supreme Court nominations, etc. The biggest reason I am against the party is because of its abysmal human rights record and its anti-science and general anti-intellectual nonsense. I’m tired of the “holier than thou” crap about using the church as a platform to judge and hate. I grew up in a church that prided itself If you think that being loyal to your party means that you will excuse racism or other intolerance, I don’t have any patience for you. I find it curious that the Republican Party always seems to side with the person who killed a young black man. When Trump gains support from former I wrote an article a few months ago about the NRA, and the idea that if you are a Republican, you unflinchingly support the NRA and you are playing follow the leader instead of thinking for yourself. The NRA is evil. They don’t give a crap about the Constitution. I take that back; they love the idea that they can distort what it means for their own benefit. How many people have to die before the party of family values realizes that everything the NRA tells them is self-serving? How is a party that is opposed to Roe v. Wade okay with enabling murders because the Constitution is more important than anything else? Why is it that Republicans—the party of “family values”—generally does not see that young, A friend of mine once said black men have been murthat the biggest difference dered by police officers? Why between the two parties is is it that if we criticize the pothat Democrats are generally lice officers who murdered, more poetic people than Rewe are viewed by the party of publicans, and it’s hard to exfamily values as being against plain poetry to someone who the police? Why has the parhas never tried to understand ty of family values fought or doesn’t see any reason to same-sex unions? The generunderstand it. He said this in al argument from them was a half-serious way that didn’t something like, “it’s not natsound like an effort to be proural/sacred,” or, “it’s against found, but I’ve been thinking our beliefs.” Judging by the about how true this really national divorce averages of is. There’s plenty that is not straight couples, it seems like very poetic about either parthe divorce rate would make ty. There is plenty of political us all question how sacred bullshit and hypocrisy in both montage appropriation by Matt Duke these straight unions are. My parties and with both parties’ father used to say, “I don’t supporters. But the idea of Trump apologists closes the deal on any pos- think that gays should get married, they’ve been oppressed enough alsibility that the Republicans stand for anything legitimate. The truth is, ready.” I want to be a part of a group that is more “live and let live.” I’ve never been a fan of the party, but I also never thought it would fall It is hard enough for straight people to fall in love, but do you want to to this level. Trump’s popularity is the first time that I can recall a mass be a part of making others miserable just because you are? I don’t want exodus of Republicans from supporting a potential leader of their party. an answer. Happy people don’t do things like block others from getting That shows some promise, but there is just too much that is inexcusable married. They mind their own fucking business or say congrats or buy about the party. them a wedding present. 11