Artborne Magazine July 2016 - Page 9

Upward interior view of the chapels organ pipes and large stained-glass window. Photo by Jason Fronczek ArchitectureKnowles Memorial Chapel by Matt Duke The spire of Knowles Memorial Chapel at Rollins College can be seen high above the canopy of oak trees and buzzing minds. Daily, you can hear its bell sing at noon, throughout campus and into downtown Winter Park. The Chapel, completed in , is the design of architect Ralph Adams Cram. It was inducted into the National Register of Historic Places in . Cram, who designed m ܙH[\\[]Y[XX[\H[\ڙX H\][Y\][ZY'ۛ\\[\XYH^B] HY[\YH]HH\ۘ[[\\[H\ [HZHœY\]\VH\ 'B[YK^X\]K[\\\[H\[[ووH[X\K[\Z[Y\][Y]X\Yۜ[HH^\[܈[[\H[BY\ۈH[\]YH[][YY[\\XH[\ˈܛ]HX\X\X[[[\\[X\Yۜ™Xܘ]HH[[Z[[\ܝ[H[[[YK]\X\B][X]]Y[]Z[[HY]Y[و [HZ\]H^] \H\H\H[Z[Y\[Yݙ\XY \[\\YۙYH[\\[B\XZ\وۋ[[Y[]\XB][X\[\وܙYZYX][ۈ[Y\]'\H\]\[[8'K'\H\]\[[8'BH\[\\YۙY[H[HوYY]\[X[]][ XZ\[Y[HHX\]X\B\[\H[\[][X[[Z\[H[\˂YY]\[X[]][XXYHZYو[\]H]Y[[[HY[[X[H[Y[\[\Y[X[Z[[Y]ܚYH[[YܛXKܛ[&\\[BYY]\[X[]][\ۛۈ܈]\X[]H[[\XY[[Hٜ[\[\܈\Y[ˈ[\H\ۙ[\H][[[Hۛ\“Y[[ܚX[\[\Yۋ