Artborne Magazine July 2016 - Page 6

photo by Winter King ARTBORNE magazine ARTBORNE magazine - Volume 1, Issue 1 Founder / Publisher Jonathan Yubi Co-Founder / Creative Director Matt Duke Contributing Editor / Columnist Mary McGinn Senior Photographer / Lead Design Jason Fronczek Publishers Note It was approximately midnight on April , . Sleep was elusive, so I sat up. My art had recently come down from two group exhibitions, and was almost at the end of a third. In the past month I had been featured on two online art magazines, neither in Orlando. I wish I could say Artborne was conceived in a selfless act of community. It wasn’t. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I desperately needed recognition. Moments later, I secured the Instagram handle @artbornemagazine. What began as a spontaneous and selfish act, has catapulted into something I could never have imagined as I half lay in bed furiously creating a platform for my personal interests. In the past months, it has been my privilege to work along side an amazing group of individuals who are thoughtlessly dedicating to advancing the arts in Orlando. Rene Ricard once wrote on art “This is an honest way to rise out of the slum, using one’s sheer self as the medium, the money earned rather a proof pure and simple of the value of that individual, The Artist.” Artborne Magazine is here for the development and advancement of Orlando’s art scene through essays, Q&A’s, reviews, spotlights and overall coverage of our artists. As our inaugural issue, we hope to provide a broad representation of the artists and their communities. It’s a well known fact that Orlando is vast and diverse, we couldn’t hope to encompass or define this region in one issue, but I hope you’ll accompany us on our journey as a platform for the arts. Jonathan Yubi 5 Columnists Patrick Greene Charlie Griffin Jess Cearley Contributing Writers Jenn Allen Leah Sandler Rob Goldman Chris Redmon Contributing Photographers Mariana Mora Winter King Subscriptions $30 annually 850-461-0750 Join us on Facebook at /artbornemagazine/ Legal Mumbo-Jumbo ARTBORNE Magazine is published monthly. It is mailed directly and disturbed at select locations throughout Central Florida. -please visit our website for distribution locations©Artborne Magazine 2016. All rights reserved. Artborne Magazine is a registered trademark of Jonathan Yubi. No articles, illustrations, photographs, advertisements, or any other editorial matter herin may be reproduced without written permission of copyright owner. Printed in U.S.A..